Copdat | Data Capturing

The Project

Digital marketing and online advertising are growing rapidly in Africa, but experiential marketing is still king. Most cross-channel campaigns are centred around an experiential campaign. We saw problems in the way customer data was collected at events and activations etc. These methods were outdated, time-consuming, costly and prone to human error. Digital marketing campaigns weren’t yielding the ROIs they wanted simply because their data was inaccurate and insufficient.

We developed a mobile application that allowed sales teams to capture consumer data and a web platform for the marketing team to analyse the data, view reports and take accurate action. The platform can securely share the data with your CRM or email marketing software. Copdat can be used to run competitions and reward new customers via auto-response texts and emails. With a built-in email builder, the client can personalise their campaign.

They can see what events their customers have attended, what locations and what brands they interact with. Their social network preferences, age groups, gender and also import and export data. Copdat can also be used as a customer research tool as it allows customers to rate their experience with your brand.Copdat allows brands to create and build relationships with your customers and make better decisions, spend less on advertising campaigns & remarketing costs and gain a greater return on their investment.

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