Fight the Virus

The Product

A game developed to help draw attention and raise funds to support charities in the fight against Ebola. Fight The Virus is a very simple, yet incredibly engaging game. It is fast, fun and fantastic! It's simple controls, wonderful sounds, music and bright visuals make it accessible to all generations. Fight The Virus is an exciting, addictive game that tests your focus and reaction levels. So be ready to hit the restart button!

We developed “Fight The Virus” to raise awareness and funds to fight Ebola and other life-threatening diseases. It’s gateway for the younger generation to learn about the virus and how to prevent it. There is a link in the game that will take users to a website with more information on Ebola.
We built this game to not only help those in affected countries (via useful information) but to also help the rest of the world do something about it. The game turns a fun activity into a charitable action. The more downloads the game gets, the more money we raise. Some people still find it hard to give money to charity, but it costs nothing to download a fun app.

The game is based on the concept of virus reproduction. When a patient is infected with a virus, it reproduces and spreads around the body. The body then releases antibodies to fight different parts of that virus. The aim of the game is to help the antibodies in the fight to destroy the viruses.

Fight The Virus is available on Google Play store and the Apple App store. The initiative was received well and has been featured on the BBC and the Voice Newspaper.

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