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Updates and insights from our team

12 May 2017 /

Congratulations to our co-founder and CEO, Tobi Oludayomi, who was included in the 2017 BIMA 100, which honours the individuals who are shaping the...

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Tobi Oludayomi named in 2017 BIMA 100
6 January 2017 /

Happy new year! With a new year comes new technology, companies wish to push out for us all to use and enjoy. The coming...

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Tech Trends For 2017
19 December 2016 /

The prominence of technology and data within the healthcare sector continues to grow at a rapid rate. To understand more about the relationship between...

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Health, Data and Technology

Some of our clients

A game developed to support charities in the fight against Ebola

We built Fight The Virus to help those in the affected countries. By using a game to get their attention we were able to pass on information therefore raising awareness and educating people about the dangers of Ebola. The game turns a fun activity into a charitable action.

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